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Aenonean started out as a bunch of random doodles long before I started writing conlangs. I decided to put some grammar rules around the cool-looking glyphs, and before long, Aenonean appeared.

There are two different types of Aenonean: High and Normal. High Aenonean doesn't have much grammar as such; each glyph can mean a whole paragraph, but slight inflections can make a lot of difference! It is impossible for humans to pronounce, though.

Normal Aenonean (usually just called "Aenonean") is one of the hardest of my languages to learn, not because it has five tenses, five cases, looks nothing like English, but because the writing style is ridiculously over-complex, and the language is impossible to pronounce without using EPR and neuron resonance. But, it looks great as page borders or whatever.

I've got a few notes for a more alphabet-ish Longhand Aenonean, but no real logic behind it yet.

CST/S v1.1 1x- cNRSH a y n! B+++ A-- E- L N1 Is/m/p k-- ia:+++ !p s m++ o P* S* Cthiotε

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