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Altllamiac Script

Word-for-word Translation

Concerning thought, of conlang, creation,-in-past,-language.
In website, from me, concerning language, of me, information.
In website, copyleft, absence,-copyright.
Freedom, of use, in website, to every,-meaning, to name, of man, to-past,-carving, of you, to every.
Choice, of link, on left, concerning choice, of webpage.
In present, creation, concerning website, concerning language.
Webpage, of absence, link, of absence.
If, absence, concerning conlang, of you,
if, no,-wish, concerning creation, of you,
then, writing, to me.
In future, writing, from me.

CST/S v1.1 1x- cNRSH a y n! B+++ A-- E- L N1 Is/m/p k-- ia:+++ !p s m++ o P* S* Cthiotε

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