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Dragontongue was the first conlang I ever developed.

It all started when my sister needed a dragon language for her Bracken trilogy. (I now call it the "raccoon trilogoid", since it's got a raccoon in it, and it's more of a single-novel-in-three-volumes than a true trilogy).

It's a bit tricky to pronounce without an elongated larynx and a slightly harder soft palette (aka a dragon-shaped head), but it's not that hard to write.

NB - this is the anglicised version of Dragontongue. As dragons and (English-speaking) humans began to live together, and humans began to speak Dragontongue, the language gradually shifted to be closer to English. However, as no dragons speak English, English has not been altered in the same way in places with dragons.

The original Dragontongue was even more consonanty and gutteral, and involved a lot of roaring. If I get round to it, I might do a "Ancient Dragontongue", but it won't be for a long time.

CST/S v1.1 1x- cNRSH a y n! B+++ A-- E- L N1 Is/m/p k-- ia:+++ !p s m++ o P* S* Cthiotε

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