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This page is basically a transcript of all of the sheets of A4 I could find that had Dragontongue on them. From these, you should be able to get the general gist of the language.

Sheet 1 - Grammar

[This sheet covers the basics of Dragontongue grammar.]

(a) cave = crrhn
my cave = mrhyn crrhn
(some) caves = crrhna
this cave = tor crrhn
the cave = du crrhn

dark cave = lroah crrhn
darker cave (more dark cave) = plra lroah crrhn
darkest cave (the more dark cave) = du-plra lroah crrhn

and = kr
or = nr
but = brdh
because = brehynder
if = zdr
with = trn
as/like = cwm
so/therefore = skra
while/during = lyw

I/me = mrh
you = yrh
he = rrh
she = lrh
it = ehr
we = mrhh
you (plural) = yrhr
they = krrnr
my = mrhyn
your = yrhn
his = rrhn
her = lrhn
its = ehryn
our = orhyn
your (plural) = yrhryn
their = krrnynn

go = var
I go = mrh var
I am going = mrh r var
I go slowly = mrh var slarkh

very slowly = rmryn slarkh
quite slowly = barnor slarkh
too slowly = tar slarkh
almost too slowly = olonr tar slarkh

to = tra
on = nnr
in = y
from = plfar
of = den
for = drprn
at = arr
about = mn

I am = mrh r
you are = yrh r
he/she/it is = rrh/lrh/ehr/ ys
we/you/they are = mrhh/yrlr/krrnr ra

I'm going to fly = mrh r var sorchn
I will fly = mrh sorchnrai
I have flown = mrh mit sorchnru
I was flying = mrh war sorchn
I was not flying = mrh war ne sorchn
I wasn't flying = mrh warne sorchn
I would fly = mrh wrdn sorchn

Sheet 2 - Mysterious Druiddy Dragons

[This was the very first sheet of Dragontongue I ever did. My original idea was to write a few different languages for different types of dragons - one for mysterious druiddy dragons, one for cute ickle horse-sized dragons, one for big angry Smaug-like dragons, and so on. However, after doing the mysterious druiddy dragontongue, I couldn't remember any of the other types of dragon language I had thought of. So, I stuck with this one.

It was before I wrote the grammar sheet, so some of the sentence structure is a bit weird. In the books, if you see any of these strange sentences, it's just an unusual dialect.

The mysterious druiddy dragons are now called the Ormynnỏr, and have quite a major part in my sister's novels Ash and Crystal.]

Ehr frrarhmyst crr mrh mrhh aryrn.
    - It was fortold that we would meet again.

Yrh shrnyddh kryndd mn r frrarhm!
    - You should not have meddled with his future!

Marhn r yrh knamdryn y orh orhyn ormynn?
    - What are you doing in our stone circle?

Mrhh ne fkrnrn hr yrhr hmrnkm. Mrhh fkrnrn khr Du-Rkarnor.
    - We do not fight for you humans. We fight against The Shadow.

Sheet 3 - Ignis-like phrases

[Ignis is a young, slightly hyperactive dragon in my sister's Bracken trilogy. Before any of the dialogue for Ignis the dragon was decided on, I just wrote a bunch of phrases that may be useful for her unique personality. Only one's been used so far, tho'.]

What are you doing in my cave?
    - Mahrn r yrh knamdrn y mrhyn crrhn?

Don't even think about stepping any closer, mate!
    - Dne frrar mn opatrch hy nryr, mrhtachdn!

Who, me? Go into that big dark hole? You must be joking!
    - Warhn, mrh? Knamdd y crr lroah crrhnord? Yrh mhrnyddh lamrn r!

So, what are we going to do about it?
    - Skra, mahrn r mrhh var knamdr mn ehr?

Wow! That's a big fortress!
    - Ror! Crr-ys hwghdra ckyrnor!

Don't you have any magic spells or something?
    - Ne-yrh mit rny krskhn-plkhn nr rnykrhzar?

Hey, look! I wonder if that's edible?
    - Ror, veryn! Mhr fryndon zdr crr-ys mncrprtt?

Yuck! It isn't!
    - Ynror! Ehr ys-ne!

Who are you calling a flamethrower?
    - Warhn r yrh yllenor krsskhn menrokhn?

Sheet 4 - More Ignis phrases etc.

[More Ignis phrases for the books, as well as one for Rueben (another dragon), two for Ash (a human that happens to speak Dragontongue), and one for the Ormynnỏr.]

Hey! Who are you, and what are you doing in my cave?
    - Ynror! Warhn r yrh, kr mahrn r yrh knamdrn y mahyn crrhn?

Hey, Ash! Who's this, and why's she in our cave?
    - Ror, Ash! Warhn-ys crr, kr dnyrnys lrh y orhyn crrhn?

This is Bracken. She's going to help us overthrow The Shadow.
    - Crr ys Bracken. Lrh-ys var prhynor mrhh kdnaorkth Du-Rkarnor.

I was hatched many days ago by Michelle.
    - Mrh war crhkknar lrnkr dzare trn Michelle.

[Note how the Dragontongue word for 'hatched' is 'crhkknar'. Onomatopoeia!]

You are trespassing on our private property. For that you must pay.
    - Yrh r nogrhynnen mr orhyn kyprvniòrkna. Drprn crr yr drrt krchng.

[Another interesting point - the Dragontongue for 'pay' is 'krchng' - "kerching". Geddit?]

I think not. We are only passing through and mean you no harm.
    - Mrh ne bardm. Mrhh ra mrli grapzno tkrnyn, kr mìn yrh ne skrkhn.

Sheet 5 - Phrases for Ash's Conversation with the Ormynnỏr

[These phrases were just written in Dragontongue, without traslations with them.]

Mrrh ra du sthroahn den fròhs rebron. Mrhh ra orbrynndend tra ovrtarkth Du-Rkarnor. Rvar yrhr accmhkni mrhh kr bhattl?

Skra mrhh mit du rkanor smalinr. Rvar yrhr ne accmhkni mrhh kr addné orbrynndend cr rkarnor? Mrh accmh Wyrnòrhendrydd kr mrh smenagk bhaatl accmhkinkr krrnr monhein, kr dron ehr mit ne hnghydd. Zdr yrh nedron bhaatl yrh r nenr brdh nebhaslykn.

Mrhh ne nebhaslykn!! (Loud roar.) Mrhh wryttrai du pryddnyzn den Wyrdra belrnkr mrhh farnrai orhyn yznadendr.

Vaer nhff. Mrhh var tra Thirrtos plfar tor hw?

[NB - the phrase for "very well" is "Vaer nhff" (Fair 'nuff) !]

Du hypannydòr schlrvy crr flrankynn.

Mrakkn yrhr. Mrh ntycpytt yrh yznadendr; farnrai cartna ehr r crytten vonr.

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