Khen Tora

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Khen Tora is the language of some vaguely reptilian humanoids that make their way into my sister's raccoon trilogoid (ie. the same novel that Dragontongue came from). Basically, the mysterious jedi-ish antagonsists (Chendora) and the vast hordes of minions (Orthanark) somehow transmuted into the Khen Tora (Black Cloak) and Odhan Akhen (Green Cloak) classes of the hitherto unnamed race.

So far, the Khen Tora (rulers) and Odhan Akhen (military) both have separate dialects, as do the Khan Ûdun (miners; mostly dwarves), Khun Fa (craftsmen), Ghen Galin (manual labourers) and Quena Quiorenza (merchants). There's also a proto-language (Khen Astareth) and a potential proto-Dragontongue (Kaan den Lymflyth) in there too. Sadly, not much of this is typed up yet.

CST/S v1.1 1x- cNRSH a y n! B+++ A-- E- L N1 Is/m/p k-- ia:+++ !p s m++ o P* S* Cthiotε

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